Cadence Design Systems

Cadence Design Systems Inc. – one of the leading suppliers of electronics and microelectronics design automation (EDA) software. The company offers the tools for designing PCBs, integrated circuits and FPGA systems.

One of the most famous electronic CAD products on the market, Cadence Allegro PCB Designer is focused on efficient design of the most complex top-level printed circuit boards. Allegro PCB Designer offers powerful functionality for specific PCB design tasks such as high-speed signal routing, microwave topologies, HDI structures in PCBs, rigid-flex boards, team work of several people on one project at a time, automatic optimization of FPGA connections.

The detailed information on Cadence EDA products can be found below:

PCB design software

OrCAD PCB Designer Standard (Allegro inside) – basic level of schematic and routing

Allegro PCB Designer Artist – advanced level of schematic and routing

Allegro PCB Designer – highest level of PCB layout tools

Allegro Venture PCB Designer – highest level of routing + advanced options

Allegro options – advanced options for routing

Simulation and analysis tools

Celsius – software for analysis of thermal distribution in PCB and in device

Sigrity – signal and power integrity analysis software

Clarity – 3D Electromagnetic extraction software

PSpice – simulation and analysis of analog and mixed-signal designs

AWR Design Environment – tools for designing, analysing and optimizing RF antennas, filters, amplifiers etc.

EDA software for designing ICs

Incisive – tool for functional verification of IC projects

Virtuoso – analog IC design tool

Encounter – IC formal verification tool