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Digital IC Design and Signoff from Cadence

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, designs are growing in size and complexity. As a result, achieving the desired power, performance, and area (PPA) targets has become increasingly challenging. Furthermore, tight schedules further intensify the engineering task at hand. However, Cadence® has developed an integrated digital IC design full flow that addresses these difficulties by incorporating…

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DFM Expert

DFM Expert is a program that allows you to carry out automatic intellectual analysis of your PCB designs in order to avoid further errors at the stage of their introduction into production.Thanks to it, it is possible to significantly reduce the time of preparation of products for manufacture, simplify the interaction between the design and…

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Verification platform The ALDEC Riviera-PRO™ software product is designed to solve the problems of verifying analog-digital FPGAs and systems on a chip (SoC). Riviera-PRO provides a unique combination of efficiency, repeatability, and automation by combining a high-performance FPGA simulation engine, advanced debugging capabilities at various levels of abstraction, and support for modern standards in FPGA…

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Interesting posts

Impedance control issues in PCB manufacturing

Impedance control requirements often accompany the fabrication of complex multilayer printed circuit boards. Understanding the peculiarities of meeting these requirements helps not only to reduce the time for launching boards into production, but also contributes to obtaining a better result. Impedance control at the PCB factory can be roughly divided into several steps: Selection of…

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How to make sure that the PCB impedances are correct even after routing changes?

Do you agree that the work of a PCB designer is not always noticeable to others, but very important? The boards you make are built into the latest equipment, often into equipment for responsible use, on which the comfort, health, and sometimes life of people depend. But since these boards are hidden inside the body…

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