We offer advanced software solutions for PCB design automation from the world’s leading manufacturers.

You can buy best-in-class electronics design software from us. These tools are efficient and easy to learn. We help you to switch to them, we provide you learning services, and we perform adjustment to the specific tasks of your enterprise.

OrCAD Professional

OrCAD® PCB Designer – This is a package of programs and utilities designed for the design of printed circuit boards. It is equally well suited for the development of simple projects, and for PCB of medium complexity. OrCAD Professional includes the following features: Autorouter. Possibility of in-circuit modeling (included in OrCAD Professional with PSPICE). Schematic editor…

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Allegro PCB Designer

Cadence Allegro PCB is a scalable tool that comes as a base license and a set of additional options that provide specialized functionality to solve various problems more efficiently.

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OrCAD lite


OrCAD is a brand of schematic and printed circuit boards design environment. OrCAD Capture is used as a schematic editor. PCB Designer (based on Cadence Allegro technologies), used as a PCB editor, is inexpensive, but quite functional solution. In addition to the schematic and PCB editor, the CAD contains a Constraint manager, an Autorouter, Signal Integrity analysis functions, including everything you need to import data, interface with mechanical CAD and output production files.

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