Configurations of CAM350

There are the following bundles and modules of CAM350 available:

CAM350-070, Gerber Viewer Bundle

Import, view and get information.
Formats of import: Gerber (274D, 274X, Fire9000, Barco DPF), NC Drill&Mill (Excellon, Sieb & Meyer), netlist (Universal Importer, IPC-D-356 & 356A), aperture table (Universal Importer).
Allows to create Stackup and view PCB in 2D or 3D.
Functions: View, Query, Report, Measure.


Import – imports Gerber RS-274X
Information – get information and measure objects
3D Visualization – view PCB model in 3D
Stack Up Visualizer – create and view the PCB stackup

CAM350-090, Entry Level Design Analysis Bundle

In addition to the import and information modules, includes modification functions, Intelligent Design Data Import, and Streams-based Design Rule Checking. Supports macro commands. A Basic NC Editor or DXF module can be added to this configuration if needed.


Export – ability to export modified Gerber files
Modification – the ability to edit project data
Optimization – optimize project data
Design Rule Check (DRC) – checks basic rules
Stream Rules Editor – rule editor for checking the project’s manufacturability
ODB++ Import – import of the ODB++ format
IPC2581 Import – import of the IPC2581 format

CAM350-160, Advanced Design Analysis Bundle

In addition to the features included in the CAM350-090, it provides a basic drilling and milling editor, a bi-directional DXF interface and CrossProbing module, IPC2581 and ODB++ export modules, and supports VB Scripting.


Basic NC Editor – Basic Drilling Editor
Fast Array Module – Basic Panel Editor
ODB++ Export – export in ODB++ format
IPC2581 Export – export in IPC2581 format
DXF Bi-directional Interface – import and export AutoCAD DXF
Crossprobing Interface – online crossprobing link between CAM350 and PCB CAD (Allegro, PADS)
Automation Toolkit (incl Macro Debugger) – Automation of commands

CAM350 DFMStream-520, Design For Manufacturing Bundle

In addition to the features of the CAM350-160, includes a complete set of production DFM checks between different design objects via Gerber or intelligent CAD Design formats, as well as a Design Analyzer to evaluate designs and determine PCB complexity.


DFM (Basic + Adv) – checking the manufacturability and correctness of the printed circuit board design
Design Analyzer – verification of the basic technological parameters of the project and the selection of the manufacturing plant

CAM350-620, Entry Level Fabrication Analysis Bundle

Contains the minimum required set of functions for PCB production preparation in a PCB factory. In addition to the features of the DFMStream-520, includes the Advanced Panel Editor and the Advanced NC Editor for drilling and milling.


Panel Editor – advanced panel editor for PCB manufacturer
Advanced NC Editor – advanced drill and mill editor for PCB manufacturer

CAM350-840, Advanced Fabrication Analysis Bundle

A complete package containing everything you need for PCB production preparation. In addition to the features of the CAM350-620, provides editors for Test Fixturing Editors (Flying Probe, Bed of Nails), a module for recreating a smart design from Gerber files Reverse Engineering and an Export DirectCAD interface to one of your choice of CAD software.


DirectCAD Interface (Out Only) – export to user CAD
Reverse Engineering – recreating a smart project from Gerber files and drilling
Flying Probe Editor – creation of a program for electrical control with flying probes
Bed of Nails Editor – creation of an electrical test adapter project

Additional modules (options) are available:

  • ODB++ Export / Import: modules for working with ODB++ files.
  • Panel Editor: module for automating the creation of multi-panels, has more features than the standard Fast Array Module, for example, adding test coupons, technological frames and inscriptions.
  • Bed of Nails Editor: Data generation module for control equipment of finished PCBs by the adapter method with fixture (bed of nails).
  • Flying Probe Editor: data generation for electrical testing of printed circuit boards with the “flying probe” technology
  • Camtek AOI: creating documentation for automated optical inspection
  • Reverse Ingineering: generate a topology suitable for basic CAD from gerber or blueprints.
  • Direct CAD Interface (Out only): export data to CAD.
  • Basic NC Editor: edit drill files and create programs for contour milling and cutouts.
  • Advance NC Editor: Module for advanced data creation for drilling. Setting tool feed tables, milling lettering, notches, slots and slats.
  • Design Analyzer: Module for automated verification of design rule compliance and manufacturing capability.
  • Macro Debugger: module for macros, sets of automated workflows. It allows you to perform actions not intended by the program, such as importing from specific formats, or automating a typical sequence of actions, generating output documentation. Requires knowledge of Quick Basic for programming.
  • 3D PDF Export: 3D model of printed circuit board output in an easy to view Adobe 3D PDF format.
  • DirectCAD Interface (In Only): module for importing projects from other CAD (in ASCII format) directly into CAM350. For example: P-CAD 2000, P-CAD EDA, ACCEL EDA, TangoPRO, GenCAD.


САМ350-090 datasheet

САМ350-160 datasheet

САМ350 DFM-520 datasheet

САМ350-620 datasheet

САМ350-840 datasheet