DFM Expert

PCBA NPI analysis software

DFM Expert is a program that allows you to carry out automatic intellectual analysis of your PCB designs in order to avoid further errors at the stage of their introduction into production.
Thanks to it, it is possible to significantly reduce the time of preparation of products for manufacture, simplify the interaction between the design and production departments.

By analyzing the topology of your printed circuit boards, the overall design and the list of components used, DFM Expert performs a lot more different checks than any PCB editor, allowing you to avoid failures, corrections of finished products, which shortens the production cycle and reduces costs.


  • Work with more than 20 file formats from various CADs: Cadence Allegro, OrCAD, Mentor Graphic / Siemens PADS, Xpedition, Altium, Protel, Zuken CR3000/CR5000, GenCAD, ODB++, Gerbers RS-274 …
  • Working with lists and specifications
  • 300 types of error checks for PCB production: signal layers, silk-screen, soldermask, drilling
  • 900 types of checks for errors that are possible when assembling PCBA: for placing components, soldering, testing, repairing, etc.
  • Ability to compare different board design revisions
  • A ready-to use library of approximately 200,000 components and package types, with notes and dimensional information
  • Support for current production standards: IPC-7351, IPC-A-610, IPC-2221, …
  • Generation of detailed reports in Excel/PDF/HTML
  • A variety of options for setting up, searching and viewing projects

You may order the demo-license and the demonstration webinar by email.

Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Riga, Tallinn