Key features and functions of the schematic editor (video)

Search in the CIS component database

You can search components using the Component Information System (CIS) database management system. It also integrates with enterprise ERP systems via SQL/ODBC.

Link to the Digi-Key Catalog

Direct import of data from online libraries facilitates the introduction of new components into the circuit.

​Print into PDF

Creation a hierarchical PDF of all schematic pages.

Application catalog

On-line store of additional user functions.

OrCAD Capture CIS (Component Information System – Component base)

Define and view components directly in the window of the OrCAD Capture Data Management software.

Topology Creation SI из OrCAD Capture

Perform circuit topology studies, rule development, and signal integrity analysis.

OrCAD Capture – Create a netlist

This video will show you how to list nets from OrCAD Capture.

OrCAD Capture – private Design Rule Check

Make your own customizable DRC for quick search project problems.

Search for a component in the database

Explore the search features in OrCAD Capture CIS.


The CoolEditBox application is written by EDAis and has several features to speed up circuit editing.

CIP – search for a component from distributors

Use the Component Information Portal (CIP) to find the most recent version of the schematic symbol…

PartLink application from Digi-Key

Take the component directly from the Digi-Key catalog for your specification.

OrCAD Capture TCL TK customization language

Support for TCL TK scripts in OrCAD Capture allows for customization and scripting for the editor…

Smart Hierarchical PDF Printing

The Smart PDF feature allows you to see the scheme in Adobe PDF with inherited…

OrCAD Capture Marketplace

OrCAD Capture Marketplace is a unique Web shell built into the new…

Coloring of components and chains

Customize component and net colors individually in Cadence OrCAD Capture.

Scheme options and specifications

Use the CIS database to derive different designs from the overall diagram.

Mechanical Data Specification

You can include mechanical data in the specification using a tabular database.

Custom Control Reference Designator

Use the Ref Des control function to execute at the schematic or hierarchical block level.

Automated drawing of circuits and bars

Net drawing automation capabilities free you from the tedious task of manually drawing wires on a schematic, allowing you to…

Pictures in Hierarchical Blocks

Use pictures as hierarchical blocks in OrCAD Capture.

Frame and stamp

Edit and replace the stamp in OrCAD Capture; including auto-synchronization of data in stamp fields.

Close DRCs which are not relevant

The close DRC feature in OrCAD Capture is useful if you see DRC markers (connection error markers) that you want to ignore.

Properties Editor

The property editor allows you to edit properties (attributes) for various schematic objects.