How to make sure that the PCB impedances are correct even after routing changes?


Do you agree that the work of a PCB designer is not always noticeable to others, but very important? The boards you make are built into the latest equipment, often into equipment for responsible use, on which the comfort, health, and sometimes life of people depend. But since these boards are hidden inside the body…

Key features of OrCAD (video)


Embedded net names 3D STEP-models Fillet and tapered traces Static and dynamic shapes RATS options ​Embedded net names ​Step support mapping 3D models Group routing ​Slide function ​Fillet and tapered traces ​Shape connecting ​Shape generating Static and dynamic shapes ​Creating shapes and circles in OrCAD 16.6 Check out various options for polygons and circles. ​Pick…

Key features and functions of the schematic editor (video)


Search in the CIS component database You can search components using the Component Information System (CIS) database management system. It also integrates with enterprise ERP systems via SQL/ODBC. ​Link to the Digi-Key Catalog Direct import of data from online libraries facilitates the introduction of new components into the circuit. ​​Print into PDF Creation a hierarchical…

OrCAD Standard – optimal PCB CAD for small companies


OrCAD Standard CAD capabilities: PCB editor powered by Cadence Allegro™ PCB Editor Rule editor in tabular form Differential Pairs Unlimited Layers Import from P-CAD®, Altium®, DXF Export to Gerber + NC-Drill, DXF, IDF, IDX, mechanical CAD Support for STEP 3D models Availability of PSpice® circuit simulator (basic configuration) Library of components and SPICE models (more…

OrCAD Professional


OrCAD® PCB Designer – This is a package of programs and utilities designed for the design of printed circuit boards. It is equally well suited for the development of simple projects, and for PCB of medium complexity. OrCAD Professional includes the following features: Autorouter. Possibility of in-circuit modeling (included in OrCAD Professional with PSPICE). Schematic editor…

OrCAD lite



OrCAD is a brand of schematic and printed circuit boards design environment. OrCAD Capture is used as a schematic editor. PCB Designer (based on Cadence Allegro technologies), used as a PCB editor, is inexpensive, but quite functional solution. In addition to the schematic and PCB editor, the CAD contains a Constraint manager, an Autorouter, Signal Integrity analysis functions, including everything you need to import data, interface with mechanical CAD and output production files.