PowerDC description

DC Current and Thermal Analysis for IC Packages and PCBs

Cadence® Sigrity™ PowerDC™ software performs fast and accurate DC and thermal analysis of IC packages, as well as PCBs. DC and thermal analysis can be performed separately or simultaneously. Electrical/thermal co-simulation takes into account the effect of heat generated on the electrical properties of the topology, and vice versa. PowerDC can be used to simulate boards both before and after the routing is completed. PowerDC will allow you to quickly find different kinds of problem areas on a PCB. These can be places with a large voltage drop, with a high current density and with a large local overheating. These errors made in the design of printed circuit boards and microcircuit packages are leading in the total number of design errors.
PowerDC includes powerful tools for analyzing boards and cases. There is also an improved and simplified DRC tool that can generate customizable reports and has the ability to color visualize problem areas. These and other tools allow you to analyze boards and packages of microcircuits without tangible time costs. The low time spent on board analysis allows the PowerDC step to be integrated anywhere in the design process.

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User Guide Sigrity PowerDC

Sigrity PowerDC technology provides comprehensive DC power analysis for today’s low voltage, high current PCBs and ICs. It is available with built-in thermal analysis, allowing electrical and thermal co-simulation. Using DC power, you can evaluate critical voltage drop limits for each device to ensure reliable power supply to your powerful chips. The PowerDC simulator quickly identifies areas of excess current density and hot spots to minimize the risk of failure in your design.