AWR Design Environment

Integrated Microwave Simulation Platform

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AWR Design Environment

Comprehensive Electronic Design Automation (EDA) Platform for RF/Microwave Product Development.

AWR Design Environment – open integrated system for computer-aided design and simulation of high-frequency systems and devices.

Package includes:

  • Microwave Office – Circuit and layout design of RF/Microwave components
  • Visual System Simulator – Development of communication and radar systems, system modeling
  • AXIEM – 3D planar EM analysis
  • Analyst – 3D EM analysis (finite element method)
Additional Options:
  • Synthesis Wizards
  • Radar & 5G Libraries

Development of microwave devices

AWR Design Environment offers an open, integrated platform for collaborative modeling at the system, circuit, and electromagnetic levels to dramatically accelerate the development of high-performance RF devices

The system provides engineers with powerful CAD tools capable of:

  • accurately calculate electrical performance parameters related to the physical characteristics of the structure
  • correctly take into account excitations from signals of complex shape used in communication and radar systems
  • to ensure the continuity of the development processes and the subsequent manufacture of the device.
AWR Design Environment / Microwave Office

You can buy the required configuration of products and options that are optimally suited to your specific needs. The price is determined individually, depending on the selected set of software products. To find the right configuration of AWR Design Environment, if you want to get a demo version or purchase licenses for commercial use, send us an application by e-mail.

Optional Products:
  • AWR Connected
  • iFilter
  • iMatch
  • RDR
  • RFP
  • TestWave
  • W5G

AWR Design Environment

Open integrated platform for the development of RF/microwave devices



The availability of a wide range of powerful tools for creating circuit diagrams, layouts and subsequent circuit, system and electromagnetic modeling ensures productive development of high-frequency devices at every stage of design: from early sketches and performance evaluations to verification and transfer to production.


The software is developed by professionals with fundamental knowledge and deep understanding of the process of creating RF / microwave devices. Thus, a detailed design environment can help to significantly simplify even the most complex tasks, including by reducing the need for manual input of design parameters and data processing.

Open platform

Automation of the design flow and compatibility with third-party design tools ensure that your design is not hindered in any way, and you get great results on the first try. The openness of the platform allows the developer to create their own scripts for deeper automation of the process and more efficient use of all software functionality.

To receive a demo license or a commercial offer, send us email

Visual System Simulator

Design and modeling of wireless communication and radar systems

Microwave Office

Microwave development