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If you are a head of an electronics development department, you certainly have an interest in making sure that your developers are efficient. What criteria can you name if you are evaluating the effectiveness of development?


If you as a manager want to achieve efficiency, you should pay attention to the world practices, the way the leading companies in their industries work all over the world.

Experience shows that the winners are those companies that have built an end-to-end flow of design and verification of electronics, using simulation tools at every stage and analyzing the manufacturability of products at the earliest stages of development. This is what improves accuracy, speed, and error-free performance.

We can offer not only software products for building end-to-end design of electronic devices, but also together with you to build the flow of design in your enterprise, starting from libraries and models of components, providing modeling and verification stages at each step, and confirming the manufacturability of your developments with the help of advanced CAD from the market leaders – ALDEC, Downstream, IMST and others.

MLDesigner’s system level design, from top-down to every single component, avoids the gaps and inconsistencies typical of conventional bottom-up design. The recent NASA Mars mission owes much of its success to the use of MLDesigner not only for the electronics, but also for the mechanical design of the mission.

The CAM350 software tool allows the development team not to wait for long answers from PCB manufacturers and not to redo the project several times because manufacturers are not able to produce a batch of boards with a given combination of technological parameters in a quality way. With CAM350, developers can instantly check board designs for correctness and have the ability to send fully technologically correct files to production.

For fast simulation of large microwave systems, multi-meter antennas and building volume models of systems such as car-vehicle, antenna-object, phased antenna array and target, the Empire XPU RF solver solution is very suitable.

Developers of FPGAs and integrated circuits will benefit from the IP cores and Verification IPs from SmartDV, as well as verification IP cores (VIP). In addition, popular FPGA simulation programs such as Active-HDL and Riviera-PRO are of particular interest.


Productronica 2023

Averture was invited by Vayo Technology to take part together in Productronica in Munich. It’s been a pleasure working with you. Warmest congratulations on your achievement!

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Evertiq Expo 2023, 25-26.10.2023, Warsaw

We have participated in Evertiq’23, the one of the most important events in electronic indstry of Poland. We have been showing the VAYO DFM solution, which helps the electronics manufacturers to verify the PCB project before production, by checking automatically more than 1500 Design For Manufacturing, Design For Assembly, and Design For Test rules. Great…

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Embedded World 2023

AVERTURE participated in Embedded World 2023, the leading Electronics Trade Fair, which took place in Nuremberg, Germany, from March 14th to 16th, 2023. There were many meetings and discussions. Thank you to everyone who visited us!

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Useful information

Software for electronics design

Software for electronics design

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Configurations of CAM350

CAM350-070, Gerber Viewer Bundle Import, view and get information.Formats of import: Gerber (274D, 274X, Fire9000, Barco DPF), NC Drill&Mill (Excellon, Sieb & Meyer), netlist (Universal Importer, IPC-D-356 & 356A), aperture table (Universal Importer).Allows to create Stackup and view PCB in 2D or 3D.Functions: View, Query, Report, Measure. Modules: Import – imports Gerber RS-274XInformation – get…

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Key features of OrCAD (video)

Embedded net names 3D STEP-models Fillet and tapered traces Static and dynamic shapes RATS options ​Embedded net names ​Step support mapping 3D models Group routing ​Slide function ​Fillet and tapered traces ​Shape connecting ​Shape generating Static and dynamic shapes ​Creating shapes and circles in OrCAD 16.6 Check out various options for polygons and circles. ​Pick…

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